Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Pictures

We took our family pictures the beginning of November and I just got the disc. My friend Malena found this great spot in Lehi. She did a great job. The kids were challenging but we at least got a couple good ones of each of them.

Sage did a wonderful job. She was an angel and looked liked one.

Canyon did a great job too! I was a little worried about his hair because his grandma chopped it on the last visit but it looked great. He looked very handsome.

Kord was very difficult for the pictures. We were lucky to get this one. He was pretty cute with his saying "cheese". He did not want to sit still. The only way we got him to sit on the train tracks was to let him play with the rocks.


Amy said...

great pictures Miss!!! I can't believe you are almost a family of 4 kids. Where did all the time go from when we played Barbie's all day!!!!

Jyl said...

SOOO CUTE! I love them, your kids are beautiful.. and Malena is soo good at what she does! You look super good too, pretty!